being present

mindfulness exercises

Two small exercises that can help at any time to restore mindfulness:

Purify the senses – 5,4,3,2,1

Take at least 10 minutes for this exercise.

Go to a place nearby where you can activate your senses. Now perceive, one after the other:

  • 5 things that you can see – and only see; and then
  • 5 things that you can hear – and only hear; and then
  • 5 things that you can feel – and only feel; and then
  • 5 things that you can smell

Then go through this process again, with the same things if you like, but reduce the number of things that you see, hear, feel and smell to four, then three, then two, then one…

Feelings support awareness of your body. The temperature of your skin, the wind, your feet on the floor, whatever you may physically perceive…

Threshold exercise (Buddhist mindfulness exercises)

Whenever you go through a doorway, make sure that your first step is with the leg that is on the same side as the door hinges.