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how we consult

When working in one-on-one settings and change projects, we use methods from various schools of psychology that are oriented towards individuals and organisations. We view ourselves as change experts engaging in dialogue. Our interventions seek to challenge, in appropriate ways, entrenched structures and rigid convictions. This provides the basis for new paths to emerge, as well as the genesis of the innovative strength that facilitates the realisation of your goals.
We work with you to develop a target scenario and an appropriate methodological approach in the context of your current situation and with a view on a clearly formulated assignment.

Together, we have more than 100 years of cumulative competence in consultancy and management. Our many years of work in medium-sized companies, state and federal agencies, associations and international corporations have given us a comprehensive understanding of corporate and organisational realities and their levers for change.
All of the work that we do on your development goals is done with a basic systemic integrative approach, sustained by pragmatism, confidence and the will to strengthen your success, innovative power and your future.