development and being

Development and being are two human principles that express different poles of human life. Development means change, learning, trying something new, taking on challenges, leaving one’s comfort zone, accepting new mental and active perspectives; in brief, to work with and on yourself.

Being or states of being stand for moments in which we enjoy something, regenerate, relax on the sofa, play sports, move our bodies, or spend time together with friends, etc.

A healthy economy emerges from development and being if both tendencies are granted sufficient space. Together, they create something like life balance.

If however only one of them is lived, then dysbalance occurs, typically at the cost of being.  This increases the personal level of stress and can lead to burnout problems over the long term. We have learned in life to perform services for work, career and projects, and we view this as self-evident. Often it is not obvious that we need to render services and to fix strategies and agreements for our own well-being. This is indispensable for a content, fulfilled and healthy life.