future dynamics

Every exit strategy from deep-rooted patterns of convention and thinking begins with a conscious acknowledgement, personal reflection, with an inner cry of ‘Stop!’ and the question: What is happening here right now? Is my reaction sensible?

Establishing an inner observer is an essential milestone for facing up to deep-rooted, learned dynamics, and for shaping them economically, in the sense of a personal (and also collective) well-being and striving. To create mental space that allows room for new thoughts and behavioural patterns.

Transformational work requires sense-specific, clear and custom-tailored designs, concepts and goals that are anchored at the deeper, unconscious neuronal level, where they can produce an effect. This applies to individuals as well as teams and organisations.

Questions regarding the development of future dynamics:

plan for the future

What is my / our vision?

What kind of inner experience is produced by the idea of living a vision?

What values am I / are we living if the vision becomes our everyday life?

current situation

Where do I stand now in relation to this vision?

What are the three greatest (personal / organisational) obstacles to pursuing this vision? How am I / are we going to deal with them?

What activities, patterns of thinking, and values stabilise the vision?

Who will provide me / us with support?

looking back

What habits / processes would I / we like to maintain?

What am I / are we ready to give up?