the inner society | integration

The inner society is comprised of different personality traits, need structures, values, future ideals, etc. Different needs, views and demands form a complex, dynamic structure of personality. Foundational decisions, such as the next step in your career, selecting a place to live, or deciding whom you want to live your life with challenge the inner society to reposition its existing internal order.

Development thereby also means the adjustment and rearrangement of one’s own personality structure to the decisions and goals that one wants. Career development steps challenge both our skills and competences as well as our emotional response. Sometimes this can take the form of putting on a ‘thick skin’, and sometimes it is important to increase our own permeability in order to increase the acceptance of others for our own goals, and thereby to create an atmosphere conducive to successful cooperation.

At the same time, emotional needs for love, protection and recognition also want to find acceptance…

The integration of essential personality traits in change processes is a decisive criterion of success for the implementation of substantial developments. It requires readiness to question yourself, to rethink attitudes, to try out new paths, and sometimes to take on risks.

Taken altogether, this means the exertion of a lot of personal energy, also called integration work, which only becomes rewarding when the results come in: to be one step closer to what you want.