Tools are there to serve your ideas. I want to use the most perfect tool to express what I want to say, and if its dancing I will dance.

Peter Puklus

how we teach

Our Academy is directed at everyone who wants to enhance their communicative and perceptive faculties. In an age of ongoing digitalization and globalization, we focus on remaining centered, expanding fields of perception and scope for action, and how to better understand and manage ourselves and other people. We care about paths to personal development and competence enhancement that are both creative and give strength.

We understand ourselves as professional character developers in our learning process. You can profit from our many years of experience in training, consulting and coaching for managers and employees in different organisations, as well as our profound expertise.
We would like to share our experience, knowledge and skills with you so that you can use them for your own personal development and in work with other people as a coach, consultant and leader.

Our job is to free up your resources so that you can use them proactively. This will enable you to activate in a constructive way your skills, values and strategic objectives for improved togetherness, whether privately or professionally.
We ask questions, offer unusual perspectives, provide time for self-reflection, and provide you with effective methods and techniques for personal and organisational changes.

In brief: We provide you with a teaching space defined by creativity, vibrancy and dialogue.

Our institute and our educational services are certified by various internationally recognised professional, methodological and continuing education associations.