Rituals in silence

Rituals in silence
19.07.2017 – 23.07.2017

19. July – 23. July 2017

Zen Zentrum Johanneshof

Your Coaches:
Barbara Zuber
Thomas Biniasz

Rituals in silence – Go inside, into the abundance that is always there.

In this workshop we will work on personal questions about self-positioning whilst embedded in the monastic life of Johanneshof, a Zen Buddhist monastery and study centre. Practices of Zen Buddhism and shamanism are tapped as ways to access inner resources and concerns.
What is really important to me?
What do I need to lead a complete life?
How can I find my centre again and again in these turbulent times?
Which inner resources would I like to live more strongly?
How can I free myself from worries, doubts and fears?
What is my innermost desire?
These could be the questions that you ask during your five-day journey into your own inner strength and wisdom.
In the morning and evenings, we will experience everyday life in the monastery together with the Sangha of Johanneshof: with Zen meditation, study periods for self-reflection, and shared meal times. From midday to the early evening, we will continue our work with shamanistic practices in the natural environment of the Upper Black Forest.
We experiment with contrasts: the formal qualities of Zen and the intuitive work with nature in order to experience for ourselves “this as well as that”.

This five-day seminar could be described as an inward journey, as a process that creates access to foundational personal concerns and deals with them in a constructive way. Part of this work is comprised of personal one-on-one coaching sessions that are meant to provide a stable anchor for your own issues.

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