psycho – neuro

Dynamics are an essential component of psychological and neurological movement. In physical terms, this term describes the effect of forces on one another. Sigmund Freud was the first to describe psychodynamics as the interplay of various inner forces. His psychodynamic concept of the personality as the unconscious, the preconscious and consciousness, as well as the later concepts of the id, ego and superego as internal protagonists and antagonists of our personality, may no longer be very applicable today, yet they give us an idea of the kind of different forces, ideas and desires that move within us and, in the sense of economics, strive towards equilibrium.

We know today from cognitive neuroscience that the interplay between, on one hand, convictions and habits acquired long ago (often unconsciously) and the development of new patterns of behaviour and life plans on the other (conscious decisions) present a challenging inner dynamic.