NLP Business Practitioner

NLP Business Practitioner
Start: 28. November 2017

Start of training:

13. October – 15. October, Bonn

28.November – 30. November, Berlin

Your Coaches:

Thomas Biniasz
Ekkehart Padberg, padberg beratung 
Barbara Knuth, Knuth und Team

Our NLP Business Practitioner

Success is no secret.

How satisfied and successful would you be if you could reduce and meaningfully solve conflicts with colleagues, customers, employees and partners? If you had a clear vision of your own aims and could adjust your strategies for action accordingly? If you had a repertoire of effective methods to take control of the everyday frenzy in a flexible way?

The aim of our course is to put you in a position to refine your perception and to recognise and use your own scope of action. We will introduce you to methods that you can use to improve your flexibility and to attain clearly defined goals.
You will learn and practice the essential techniques of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in a business context. Using what you have learned, you can effectively apply NLP for yourself and to support your employee and customer relationships.

A business practitioner will facilitate an intensive, personal learning process in a group with other managers, freelancers and entrepreneurs.
You can profit from our many years of experience in training, consulting and coaching for managers and employees in different organisations.
Our NLP courses are certified under the DVNLP guidelines.

This is the right course for you if you would like to:
  • Present yourself as harmonious and focused in your professional life;
  • Examine, enhance and expand previous strategies for success;
  • Be a better manager, employee, colleague or entrepreneur.
The Framework

Beginning of the course: April 20, 2017   
The course lasts 9 months and includes 130 hours. There are a total of 18 on-site days, with integrated practical sessions. Three additional team coaching sessions that serve to more deeply explore your personal topics are a plus of our program.

Course fees
The fee for the entire course is € 3,460.00 for private individuals and € 4,260.00 for firms (VAT). We also offer an instalment payment option. We will be happy to discuss the payment options with you.

Graduates of this course receive a certificate with all of the course contents and the seal of the German Association for Neuro-linguistic Programming (Deutscher Verband für Neurolinguistisches Programmieren, or DVNLP).

Prerequisites for participation
The requirements for participation in the course are a university degree or completed professional education, as well as three years of professional experience.

  1. Active communication
  • Foundations and philosophy of NLP
  • Introduction to the NLP Business Practitioner process
  • Actively shaping communication processes
  • Making contact, earning trust, leading situations (rapport, pacing and leading).
  1. Business for me, personally
  • Gaining and using scope of action
  • Who takes decisions about my state?
  • Organisation and change in mental structures
  • Goal-oriented resource management
  • Personal career strategies
  • Setting and achieving goals.


  1. Communication in groups
  • Goal-oriented communication in teams and groups
  • Team development
  • Recognising and using unconscious group patterns
  • Group motivation


4. Conflict management and negotiation
  • Constructive conflict management
  • Recognising and dealing with multirelationality in conflicts
  • Recognising and using various negotiation styles
  • Creativity and negotiations for individuals and groups


5. Professional identity and change
  • Personal roots and visions
  • Self-image and external image
  • Internal congruence in various professional roles
  • Structure of change processes
  • Change models


6. Presentation, integrative testing
  • Integration of all learning content
  • Written testing
  • Presentation


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