Systemic Integrative Business Coach

Systemic Integrative Coach
Start: 8. September 2017

Information event:
20. July 2017, 19 Uhr

Start of Training:
07. October – 08. October 2017

Your Coaches:

Thomas Biniasz
Jörg Wellenkötter

The Systemic Integrative Coach Programme

The big picture

Every person, and every social system, strives for change. Bodies, minds and spirits yearn for growth and development, accompanied by curiosity, motivation … and sometimes challenges as well.
In a complex society of change, coaching is becoming increasingly important. The need for qualified coaching support for individuals, teams, organisations and managers is greater than ever before, whether for personal development projects, professional problems, or assistance with processes of change.

Our coaching training programme

Our twelve-month training Systemic Integrative Coaching programme is certified by the European Coaching Association (ECA).
Systemic Integrative Coaching supports multirelational, integrated and contextual thinking and action. The repertoire of methodologies that we teach aim for a transformation of understanding: for neuronal changes, enhancement of competence, and re-orientation – in brief, to make success possible in the everyday lives of our employees and clients.
To do this, we offer a broad spectrum of methods so that later you can respond efficiently to multiple questions from employees, clients and groups. The course begins in 2017.
The program lasts 12 months and includes a total of 330 lesson hours in blended learning. There are a total of 24 on-site days, with integrated practical sessions, plus intervision work and case study analyses.

Beginning of the course                              May 2017

The program lasts 12 months and includes a total of 330 lesson hours in blended learning.  There are a total of 24 on-site days, with integrated practical sessions, plus intervision work and case study analyses.

The lesson hours are comprised as follows:

150 hours – Theory and methods
30 hours – Supervision
30 hours – Self-awareness
50 hours – Case study work
50 hours – Intervision
20 hours – Literature work

Furthermore, 50 documented coaching hours are expected for testing. Three coaching processes must be extensively documented. As part of the course, participants develop their own coaching concept and present it at the end of the program.

Course Fees

The fee for the entire course is € 4,860.00 for private individuals and € 5,720.00 for firms (VAT). A one-time payment of € 600 is due via direct debit authorisation at the beginning of the course; the rest of the amount is payable in monthly instalments. Additional housing costs will apply for an overnight stay in the Brandenburg area for Module 4: Self-awareness.
Advanced modules 10 and 11 for the Systemic Integrative Business Coach program can be booked on top of the complete package for a total seminar price of € 1,400.00.


Program graduates receive a certificate that lists all of the educational content. An ECA certificate can also be awarded for the program.  Whoever already holds an NLP Practitioner certificate that is recognised by the DVNLP can also receive a certification as a DVNLP Coach. The ECA certificate costs € 80, and the DVNLP certificate costs € 40.

Dates and content
  1. Foundations of Systemic Integrative Coaching
    07. October – 08. October 2017
  • Process start, location determination, contact design
  • Genesis and background of the principle of “coaching”
  • Basic assumptions of Systemic Integrative Coaching
  • Fields and forms of application 
  1. Broadening perspectives through coaching
    17. November – 19. November 2017
  • Ways of asking questions and their implicit messages
  • Focusing on resources
  • Clarifying tasks and aims in the first and subsequent sessions
  • Practical exercises
  1. Design and development of interventions
    08. December – 10. December
  • Interventions related to action, experience and narratives
  • Meta Mirror, mentor work, life motifs, Tetra Lemma
  • Reframing and work with symbols
  • Hypnotic interventions
  1. NLP – Tools
    02. February – 4. February 2018
  • Basic assumptions of NLP
  • Perception positions, logical levels, Walt Disney strategy
  • Hypnotic intervention patterns
  • Time line work
  1. Coaching and business
    09. March – 11. March 2018
  • Self-marketing and self-presentation
  • The company-coachee-coach triad
  • Leadership concepts
  • Leadership models, CI concepts
  1. Expanded integrative approaches
    13. April – 17. April 2018
  • Foundations of Gestalt therapy
  • Basic assumptions of depth psychology, as well as the first depth psychology interview
  • Health coaching, demarcation from psychotherapy, Riemann Thomann Model (MBTI), meta-programmes
  1. Self-awareness
    04. Mai – 06. Mai 2018
  • Own position and professionalism
  • Character development, biographical work, ethics and values
  • Professional shaping in a “helper relationship”
  • Vision work
  1. Life coaching under supervision
    04. Mai – 06. Mai 2018
  • Preparation
  • Conducting coaching under supervision
  • Reflecting team
  • Evaluation and reflection
  1. Concluding seminar
    04. Mai – 06. Mai 2018
  • Practice testing
  • Presentation of your own coaching concept
  • Reflection on acquired competences, monitoring of coaching processes
  • Evaluation and certification of the programme



    Advanced modules for the Systemic Integrative Business Coach

    The ‘Business Coach’ advanced modules qualify graduates for the Systemic Integrative Business Coach certificate. The modules convey essential system and process variables for successful action in business contexts as a coach. The modules aim to prepare future coaches for the realities of business so that they can act in appropriate and successful ways.
    The modules are taught by Thomas Biniasz of biniasz & partner and two other highly experienced visiting trainers or teaching coaches.

    1. Business 1: Coaching in companies
with Prof. Dr. Peter Kunz    
        • The coach’s role in the interplay between the coachee’s personality, company requirements and momentum
          Conditions for successful leadership
        • Familiarising oneself with current management models and their utilisation in coaching
        • Multi-level interventions for management personalities


    1. Business 2: Supporting business change processes
with Barbara Zuber    
        • Recognition and analysis of competitive conditions, corporate cultures and organisational conditions
        • Understanding the dynamics of the change process
        • Facilitating change
        • The coach as a corporate facilitator

Both courses will take place in the summer of 2018.